A Textual Context

So, are you aware that these words may change you?
Words have had the power in the past to manipulate;
To imprison people within thought processes
That are so challenging that we end up passing-up on them.

Or just adhering to the request.

Most people say, “They know better. They know more than I do.”
That is the trap of the concept of authority.
Certain words and sentences snare your mind,
And make your psyche spin.

If you don’t understand, learn.
It is as simple than that.
You have no excuse for a lack of knowledge
There is nothing better
Than learning then sharing mind.

I’ve shared a mere fraction of what I know.
I would like to share more,
But, you will switch off –
You always do.

So, here’s the catch…

The most powerful concept I know
Is thought.
Can I persuade you to contemplate
Something that’s never crossed your mind?

You and I, when we were one being,
Created this entire universe.
In all its glory, splendour, chaos and confusion.
We only broke apart because we wanted to play as monkeys for a while.

Everyone loves monkeys.
But, we could see the game was so much bigger that,
So, we asked to go into the game from the top –
As Time Began.

There is the warning, bear in mind it’s right from the top:

You’ll have no memory
Of who you were,
Of where you are from,
Or why you are here.

You may also slip up on the way and have to start again from scratch.

There was only one thing asked of you,
Which isn’t a problem either way,
“Now, please do not forget you are Gods playing as monkeys. Okay?”
We replied, “We will try our utmost.”

Then, we left the right side,
And descended.
We were always told to look up,
To be reminded of where we are from.

We are the Universe,
And the Universe is Us.

Do you remember now?

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