I wander in the fields,
By the path, on which you tread.
If you saw me heart-to-heart
Then your face would fill with dread.

I fleet within the grasses,
While your feet get worn and tired.
Just take a step toward me,
I will guide you through the flowers.

Please don’t look me in the eye,
As the other will get upset -
For it sees you just as well,
You just seemingly forget…

That the grass and flowers are busily
Growing through their day;
Do your eyes grow tired
Of all the people in your way.

Sweep them stiffly with your broom,
And brush them all away.
For when you clean the cobwebs
The spiders come out to play.

Watch them closely scurrying,
Trying to hide from sight.
For this is how I live my life,
Not in the spotting light.

Once you step within the field
Your mind will start to find,
That the twists and turns within the verse,
Will helplessly unwind.

Tread carefully my friendly foe,
The garden is guarded by dragons.
If you don’t see them, they’ll see you,
Because they can still imagine.

Universal Biology

Welcome to the understanding of My Life.

It is, and is not, as it seems.

If you can’t believe there is Life,
Elsewhere is the Universe,
You are reading well below your level.

This is the deciding factor
Of every single current, and dead,
Religion on this sphere;
It always has been.

Do you believe in Life
That is not from this Earth?

It is a simple,
Wholly, consumingly,
Complex Question.

It is Scientific,
Yet Religious.

It is Fantasical,
Yet Mathematical.

You must understand
If there is Life here,
It is more than highly probable
That there is Life elsewhere.

The mathematical skill of Statistics
Is inherently within me:
I Love number,
And it seems to Love me back

I weigh the balance in Number;
I was born as a Libran after all…

The math shouts
A resounding, “Yes.”

It cannot lie,
It can,
And will only,
Ever speak the truth.


If, as living organisms, we exist in the reality
We call, “The Universe”,
What is the probabilty that other organisms,
Like ourselves, exist elsewhere in our universe?

Elsewhere doesn’t mean
Not on Mars,
Or any of the Moons.

Elsewhere means
Other Solar systems,
Within other Galaxies,
In far-off, distant parts of this Universe…

If you haven’t looked up for a while,
I suggest you do so.

On a clear night sky,
Start counting and see where you end.

Even during our daytime
The stars are still there, they’re just hidden.
At night, they shine to Us,
In all their vaulted, beaming Glory.

We were created on a Satellite,
From within a Solar System,
In a Galaxy,
Within the Universe…

Have we not?

Yay, or Nay?
Simple, but Complex;
Hard, yet Easy;
A Question to ask, or not?

A singer once sang,
“We are Stardust…”

This is where the issues lie,
And lie, and lie, and lie.
And lie they have,
But they can not lie.

Even if some issues are lying,
Somethings, and some things,
Can still tell you things;
They can still utter the Truth.

Under their Breath;
Between the Lines;
Beneath the Stone;
Below the Plinth.

In sight;
From above;
Descended from the Heavens;
Shining forth.

The night-sky looks as if it is fixed,
But, to the trained-eye,
It changes ever so gradually,
Day-upon-day, year-upon-year.

It is not dissimilar to us:
To us through our lives, it looks as though
We don’t change, that we just age;
But, gradually we do change.

Age and maturity
Are not mutually exclusive…

It is the direction,
That “I”,
To which I,
Am most concerned with.

We reached our first Zenith
A long time ago;
The Moon was visited,
Whether probe or person.

We’ve reached many more Satellites:
From the closest to Our Star,
To finding yet more new Objects to follow,
That are enthralled and captivated by Our Sun.

They’re here,
And have been,
Since near the start.

The stars,
The satellites,

It started with a bang;
That’s what we asked for…


We gave you fire,
You gave us ashes;
We made you cry
Salt tears from your lashes.

Lashes you’ve taken;
Stripped off your skin.
To show you your makeup,
The frame that you’re in.

Your body is your temple,
Now kick out the changers.
For the path you must take
Starts with you in the manger…

Talk as you must.
Your drivel outpours:
Do you forget that you’re biped,
You’re not on all-fours?

A spine you have crafted,
To force you away,
From the one that you come from,
Below where you lay.

Within her her fire
Is burning so bright;
You just do not see it
Because of my light.

For with me I’ll help you
To light up the way,
From up in the sky, as the Sun,
As you say.

The one who’s below you,
Is stunning, you see?
Her radiance is equal to mine,
Just concieve.

You live on a woman,
Who spins up her wheel.
For you are all silken,
You’re rocked from her heel.

The fabric you’re made of
Is from within her;
We are your Father and Mother,
Now comes the hurt.

A Dog’s Best Friend

It took a while to realise,
They take us for a walk.
Round the block,
Over the fields.

Looking into their eyes and summise:
You are the cheese, they’re the chalk.
We follow their flock,
They make us feel.

Searching for a friend’s lifeline,
I realised it’s taken me for a walk.
Round the block,
Around the fields.

One day I’ll find her, maybe at sunrise.
If she could tell me, she’d surely talk.
About her tales around the block,
Before being taken back to be her owner’s shield.

Written about looking for an elderly neighbour’s lost puppy. Still looking…


I know that when I die,
There will be a gasp.

The same as you.

The one’s I have spoken to
Will draw their deepest breath.

Again, as you.

They will wonder
What I was on about.

Will they remember your conversations?

You stay,
If they remember.

Many have stayed,
But, far more have vanished.

Do you know your great-great-grandmother’s surname?

Even those out of memory
Still walk with us.

Just remember them…..

Your ancestors
Are deeply buried within you.

They always have been.

But, you don’t remember,
And you will struggle to remember.

No harm in trying though, is there?

It’s how it all works;
It can’t be easy, what’s the point otherwise?

There is no point, is there?

Remembering is hard,
But, ultimately, it’s always been your destiny.

Really, there’s a goal, a finish line?

Just take it back;
Take it all back.
The entire universe.

All of time;
All parts of matter.

Is your universe yours,
Or, Is it mine?
Is this one universe,
Or many, in each of our eyes?

When you’re satisfied that it is yours,
I’ll show you it has always been mine…..

Start of a Year – End of a Lap

Sorry that I’ve not to written to you
For a while.
I would’ve loved to,
But, I’ve been a bit busy.

Life, and all that malarkey…

I’ve also been wondering
What to write about;
Or, for whom to write.

I’ve written for me,
And, I’ve written for you.

I thought I’d written for us,
But, I know I was writing
As you all, as a whole,
Not as me.

I’ve written things as if it wasn’t me.
But, digging into yourself
Unearths some things
You can never forget.

I’ve written things
From deep within me.
For you to read and understand.
But, again, not as me.

This textual facade
That we all meander around,
And have done for some time,
Is but a means to an end.

There could be many endings
To this thing we percieve…

It’s not that the end is nigh,
The dawn is just breaking….

Isles of Ruby

I have written this poem for four people who are all important to me. One is my eldest sibling, my sister Sam, and another is a dear friend called Sarah. We don’t speak often, but, it doesn’t mean I don’t think about them and what they’ve been through.

The other two that I have written this for are Ruby, my sister’s youngest daughter, and Isla, the sister and twin of Grace, Sarah’s first two little girls.

Tearfully, both of these little angels, Ruby and Isla, struggled with life here from birth. They fought so hard for their first few moments, but sadly lost their fight when they were both very young.

I think about both of them as well as their mothers, and their fathers, and strain inside to find how they must be feeling. But, I’ve never had to fight quite like they have.

This is a poem from me to all of them, as well as anyone who wants to see my side of the story.

Isles of Ruby

As like specks of sand,
Our loved ones’ seem to disappear
Within the hourglass of time,
Blending with those that have passed before.

But, they are just on the beach,
With all the others, playing and having fun.
The memories of here are lapping upon the shore,
With us as the glass seas in heaven.

The specks of sand glisten from where we are,
As we do to them.
They flicker and flash,
Brightening our island in the sky.

At night we see them wander;
Hues of blue and ruby,
Evergreens and white,
Vaulting their light for our eyes to see.

They sail around all of us everyday
Without us seeing them there.
And they watch over all of us at night,
Shining so bright in the heavens.